My name is Adam Kasprzak. I am 28.

I live in Poland, in Gdynia, but i do my job internationally.

I love driving cars, i like Apple stuff, scandinavian countries and italian food and of course I like to take photographs of fabulous people like you!

If you feel that my pictures are something that you have always
dreamt of, contact me and i will make your dream come true.

How do I know if you’re available for my date?

Please use Contact form to ask for date availability– It is always easier for both of us, but you can always mail or call me.

What are your prices?

Detailed offer is available upon request, by e-mail, but generally I start from 3500PLN in case of shooting a wedding and 1200PLN when shooting lifestyle sessions.

How do I receive photographs?

You receive photographs on stainless steel pen drive, additionally I make an online, password protected photo gallery on my server for your friends and family. All you pictures are available online with no time limits.


How about prints?

I have the best quality hand made albums from QT Albums, but prints are NOT included in the package of photography service. Everything is clearly presented in the offer.

Can we take a look at some sample albums?

Of course! I present them on a meeting, which is held after my acceptance of an offer.

I want you for my wedding which involves traveling – are you ok with that?

Of course! I love to travel for weddings. I organize my transport by my own. If you think that the cost of my transportation would be too expensive – ask anyway. Maybe my travel plan will cover yours and then we can negotiate discount.

Do you have an assistant?

No, I do not. I have always worked alone. When your wedding list is over 200 guests we can talk about hiring extra photographer.

What camera system do you use?

Having appropriate equipment is very important. Having backup of that equipment is even more essential! I shoot with Canon and I’m a platinum member of Canon Professional Network.

Can you make also a video?

Sorry, I do not offer video services while shooting pictures. These are two different things impossible to be done at the same time.

I offer you a very special albums. Handmade, Ink printed on a full matt paper, covered with natural leather or linen. You need to see it yourself and feel the paper – something out of this world! Albums are made by QT Albums company.

Photobooth is the most funniest, entertaining place in your wedding venue!

I offer professional photobooth which includes 2 ELFO studio lamps + 2 as a backup, full-frame camera which is trigged by a remote controller. Camera is connected to a laptop. You can see every picture you take instantly! There is no limit for the pictures. Photobooth stand includes background of your choice (black or white) and a bunch of funny masks and other useful accessories.

Pictures and delivered on the same pen drive as pictures from a reportage.